The Portobello Mushroom Story

all about portobello mushrooms

All About Portobello Mushrooms

Did you know that Portobello/Portabello mushrooms used to be considered junk mushrooms? These, along with their miniature counterparts the Cremini/Baby Bellas? It’s true! The original brown Agaricus bisporus lost favor back in 1926 when a Pennsylvania farmer discovered a bright white strain. That strain became the White Button mushroom. The bright white mushroom was instantly popular. It’s brown and oversized siblings were soon culled in favor of the white. Then in the mid-90s, in an ingenious marketing ploy, the natural food industry created a demand.  Almost overnight, these brown mushrooms became a high-demand commodity.

Now one of the most popular vegetarian meat substitutes, the Portabello mushrooms are available in supermarkets worldwide, however, they are easier than one might think to grow. With a little know-how and the right mushroom growing tools, even amateur growers can have fresh Portobellos grown at home in no time.

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