Social Distancing Series- Growing your Spawn

Mycillium, growing spawn

In our previous two posts, as part of our Social Distancing Series, we discussed what all you needed to build your own grow kit and how to prepare your substrate for inoculation. Now that you have all of your supplies and you understand pasteurization, it is time to gather up that spore solution, get inoculating and get growing on your spawn.

growing spawn

Growing Spawn

The most important part of growing mushrooms is starting your spawn. The spawn is myscellium (or roots) of the mushroom that are then combined with more substrate to then grow into a mushroom. Much like sweet potatoes, mushrooms need strong root base to get them started before they can start to fruit.

The methods for growing spawn, while relatively simple, does vary from method to method and species to species. When it comes to starting your own spawn at home, we strongly recommend choosing a trusted method and following it to a T.

Our Favorite Methods and what your will need:

For Oyster Mushrooms: University of Florida IFAS Extension (skip creation of Mother Culture if you have already purchased one)

You will need:

rye grain, growing spawn, spawn in jars

For Grain based spawn and Shiitake Mushrooms: Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences

You will need:

Once you spawn has begun to propagate you will be ready to move onto the next step.

If growing spawn at home not your bag, you can purchase spawn already prepare from a reputable source such as Everything Mushrooms.

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