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about myco supply

Welcome to Myco Supply, premier purveyor of mushroom growing equipment and laboratory supplies.

For over two-decades, Myco Supply has worked to bring our customers the highest quality products and the best customer service in the business. Whether they be home growing enthusiasts, amateur mycologists, commercial growers, or lab technicians, our clients come back to us again and again thanks to our decades of experience and consistently superior products.

Humble beginnings

It all started with an inquiry. A marine biologist needed bacteriological grade agar for his research and couldn’t find it.

He called a friend. That friend happened to be our founder.

What started as a single inquiry for a random lab product quickly blossomed into the thriving company we have today. Over the years our product line has grown from selling agar and petri dishes to professional grade laboratory equipment and truckloads of crushed shells. Today we cater to both retail and wholesale clients, deliver via both UPS and LTL Freight, and boast a shop full of hundreds of products.

Our once one man show is now an accomplished staff of dedicated employees from all walks of life. Our sales director has over 20-years experience in the retail and wholesale space. Shipping is handled by our logistics coordinator, who came to us with a vast knowledge of domestic and international shipping. Our creative media director left her professional copy writing career to manage our website and our Inventory Manager is a seasoned agriculturist with over 15-years growing experience under her belt.

Location, Location, Location

Despite not having a retail space that is open to the public, our business has thrived, largely due to the location of our headquarters and 4,000 square foot warehouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

According to the Pennsylvania Agricultural Development Council, Pennsylvania grows more than half the mushrooms grown in the United States, which puts us right in the heart of mushroom country. Kennet Square, in Chester, PA, is the mecca of mushrooms, and many of our commercial customers come from this area.

Our second facility, located on the Gulf Coast in Alabama, is home to some of the best shellfish operations in the country, making it the premier location for acquiring the best oyster shells and clam shells available for retail and commercial use.

shiitake mushrooms

Lentinula edodes

Mr. Shiitake hails from East Asia and is a lumberjack at heart. A fairly easy-growing, fungi, he takes his culinary and medicinal roles very seriously. Some find him a bit dry at times, but often he lets out his fresh side, adding depth to anything you dish out.

about oyster mushrooms


Ms. Oyster is a family gal who has more cousins than she can count and they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. A big time foodie, she finds herself most often enjoying the company of vegetarians and vegans, but she is flexible and always welcomes wandering carnivores to her table.

enoki mushrooms

Flammulina velutipes

Known in her homeland of Japan as Ms. Enokitake, this little lady is a health nut and is regarded as a prize where she is from. A fan of the Chinese Huckleberry, she has been known to dote upon mulberries and persimmons as well. Her prized pure white appearance is the result of never going outside, but when she does she takes on a beautiful tan, that is sure to delight.

morel mushrooms

Morchella esculenta

Mr. Morel, or Morchella to his colleagues, is a notorious curmudgeon. Difficult to work with and almost impossible to cultivate a relationship with, he is often best left to work on his terms and in his own environment. He has a certain je ne sais quoi about him that makes him particularly popular in the French markets and despite his difficult personality he definitly worth getting to know.