Growing in Jars

So, you have decided you want to start growing mushrooms at home, but you don’t want to make a huge investment into mushroom growing supplies. You have researched the pre-made mushroom growing kits and decided you would rather not risk getting bad spores or contaminated materials–good for you! The question now is, how can you grow at home on the cheap? Well, luckily for you, growing in jars is an excellent alternative that allows you to use household items to grow delicious mushrooms, saving you money on supplies and on your grocery bill.

Aside from canning jars, vermiculite, brown rice flour, a spore syringe, and a glove bag, everything your need to get started can be found in your kitchen and workroom. What could be easier?

The PF Tek Method

In 1995, Psilocybe Fanaticus, a magic mushroom enthusiast, published an excellent method for home growing in canning jars. PF’s method is a solid, tried and true method of growing oyster and shiitake mushrooms. Please note that while PF’s method for home growing lives on, Myco Supply in no way encourages the growing of illegal mushrooms.

Image courtesy of Mother Earth News

Provided is the PF Tek Method for growing oyster and shiitake mushrooms as published by The Mother Earth News in February 2015 with editing* to address errors in the article.

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Myco Supply in no way encourages the growing of illegal mushrooms.