Spawn Bags with Filter Patch


Spawn Bags with Filter Patch

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An autoclavable spawn incubation bag with a micro-porous filter patch that allows gas exchange but prevents the passage of contaminants. Spawn bags are an economical substitute to canning jars. When producing bulk amounts of substrate, spawn bags are able to hold larger amounts of rye grain, seed, or any substrate that you may be using. To create the needed air tight seal, please use an Impulse Sealer or a Mini Hand Held Impulse Sealer which highly reduces the introduction of contaminates. Like any commercial spawn bag, our bags are designed to be sealer prior to sterilization.

Measuring 21 x 8.25 x 4.75 inches, these bags are larger than most spawn bags, allowing them to hold more material. Widely used by mushroom growers throughout the world.

  • Don’t forget the sterilization tape! It’s always good to know if your bags are sterilize.
  • Where are you going to case, fruit, mix or pour your substrate? Try an easy to clean and reusable Spawn & Substrate Tray.

(Myco Supply can also have spawn bags custom made to meet your needs. Contact us for more information).