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Here are a few photos of how our outdoor portable propane stoves in action!
(There are a few photos on this page and it may take awhile for all of the pictures to load)

Setting up and using one of Myco Supply's outdoor portable propane stoves is very simple.

First obtain your stove, your hose and regulator (hose's and regulators are often sold together. They can be found and any store which sells grills or outdoor cooking supplies).

Lastly, grab a propane tank! You can purchase one or take the one off of your grill.

Connect the hose to the stove...

Connect the regulator to the propane tank...
And that's it! You've assembled your outdoor portable propane stove! Now lets get this thing cookin'!

In this example, we've used an All American Model 930 Pressure Cooker.

We used this model to give you an idea of how large the single stove is, the 941 model fits very nicely as well.

Turn the knob on your propane tank, then turn the on/off handle on the stove itself, then lit with a match or long butane lighter.

In a few minutes (this took about 15-20 minutes) you'll get a nice 15. p.s.i

Even while there was a small breeze, we still got and maintained 15 p.s.i.. Now if we had a wind guard around the flame, it may have reach the desired p.s.i. faster.


15 p.s.i. was reached, the weighted pressure gauge started giggling, and the sterilization process began!

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