The magic behind Silicon Valley? Magic Mushrooms

Silicon Valley, magic mushrooms

The overworked, high stress workers of America’s tech industry have found a new way to cope with stress and anxiety via old-fashioned use of psychedelics. In recent articles published by The Bold Italic and Forbes, the use of microdosing is becoming common practice in Silicon Valley. At The Bold Italic, journalist Matt Charnock talks to the minions of Silicon Valley about the high stress lives they live and how the use of magic mushrooms has become a practice to cope.

“In Silicon Valley, burnout is real. It happened about four years into a job at Google for Adam*, who is now a senior software engineer at the company,” writes Charnock. “To get through it, he turned to an increasingly popular strategy in tech: microdosing “magic mushrooms,” the group of fungi famous for giving you doses of the feel-good chemical psilocybin.”

Charnock’s article takes a look the lives of the workers of Silicon Valley and the growing trends in the psychedelic world. But for the uninformed, let’s breakdown the mushroom end.

What are magic mushrooms?

“Magic mushrooms” is a loose term used to describe any mushroom or fungi, wild or cultivated, containing the naturally occurring psychoactive chemical psilocybin.

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Are they legal?

For all intents and purposes, magic mushrooms are illegal at the federal level. Psilocybin is considered Schedule I drug by the United States, and intent to manufacture or sell is a federal offense. That being said, several states have begun relaxing their laws at a local level, paving a new future for the funky fungi.

““What they don’t teach you in programming school is how to cope with the emotional labor that comes with a tech job in the Valley,” said Adam…“That’s when a fellow Googler recommended I start experiencing shrooms.”[…]“After my first microdose, I almost immediately felt more calm and less anxious; things just seemed clearer in my head,” Adam said. “I’ve been doing this for a while now, and the benefits still stick, and my tolerance for magic mushrooms is still the same, which is interesting to me.””

What is microdosing?

According to Healthline, microdosing is a term used to describe the practice of taking tiny increments (micro) of psychedelic substances. It should be noted that microdosing can be used for small amounts of any substance, but in general it refers to psychedelic drugs including marijuana and magic mushrooms. Generally speaking it refers to 10 to 20 grams, or 1/10 to 1/20 of an average dose.

Is microdosing legal?

Again for all intents and purposes, no.

Health benefits of mushrooms

While the techies of Silicon Valley may be tooting the horn of the magic mushroom, there are many other mushrooms out there touting tremendous health benefits that you can start your journey on legally.

Containing varying levels of protein and fiber, mushrooms are often an excellent substitute for meat which lends them to creating healthier, more versatile diets.

edible mushrooms

White button mushrooms are one of the few non-animal sources of Vitamin D. Their unique ability to create high concentrations of vitamin D when exposed to UV light makes them an excellent source of this necessary and often deficient nutrient.

From cancer prevention and treatment to improving heart health, mushrooms are an easy thing to incorporate into your diet to make you feel better physically and mentally. Best of all they are easy to grow too!

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The Legal Stuff

Myco Supply in no way encourages, the taking of, selling of, or growing of psilosybin mushrooms or any other fungi in their polyphyletic group. The growing of, selling of, or taking of any mushroom or fungus falling under the general label of “magic mushroom” is illegal and punishable by law.