Myco Supply offers mushroom growing supplies, tools and equipment for building your own mushroom growing kit, and mycology supplies and equipment. We also offer fungi growing products for edible mushroom growers and fungi enthusiasts!

Curious about mushroom cultivation or in creating your own mushroom grow kits? Whether you are just starting out growing and looking to build your own mushroom growing kit, or you are a seasoned professional looking to replenish your mushroom supply, Myco Supply has all the growing supplies needed to get the job done right. From rye berries, coconut coir bricks, cow manure and other mushroom substrate to mushroom growing bags, plastic jar lids, synthetic filter discs, and other mushroom equipment, all the mushroom grow tools and mycology equipment you need are available here at Myco Supply.

Mushrooms and other fungi grow best when the correct tools and nutrients are used. Whether you are looking to try a new type of mushroom bag at your current operation or trying to build your own shroom growing kits, Myco Supply is here to help you find the right, high-quality growing equipment to meet your mushroom growing project’s need.


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Spawn Bags & Filters

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