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Made specifically for Myco Supply, our organic brown rice is milled down into a fine flour. 100% organically grown to meet the nutrient needs of our mushroom cultivators. Never boiled or processed! Organic brown rice is most commonly used in cake style growing but it is also used as a nutrient in many other substrate recipes.

Don’t Forget:

Brown rice flour is a nutritious alternative to wheat flour and is naturally gluten-free. It is high in protein, iron, fiber and vitamin B. Brown rice flour is rich in manganese, which helps in the proper development of bones and cartilage. It also helps in better absorption of calcium. One serving of brown rice flour supplies more than 20 percent of the recommended amount of magnesium, phosphorus, and copper, as well as 11 percent of potassium and more than 100 percent of manganese. In addition, brown rice flour supplies 20 percent of the recommended amount of iron for men and 9 percent for women.

Brown rice flour contains healthy bran and will add a darker color to your baked goods. It also imparts a richer, nuttier flavor than wheat flour. You can thicken sauces with it and use it for coating fish and other proteins, as well as produce bread, cakes, and noodles. Browse our extensive collection of recipes using brown rice flour for everything from brownies to blini.