A word about social media

We here at Myco Supply have prided ourselves on our exceptional customer service for over 20-years. Throughout this time we have seen trends in marketing, education, and communication come and go, especially here in the the online space. Modern social media is one of these trends. Be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any number of other social media platforms these trends come and go and often leave as much bad as they do good in their wake.

It is for this reason that Myco Supply does not maintain a social media presence. We do understand that this is the way of the modern business and that social media is a tool to be used to better communications on global scale. But we have always believed that direct communication with our customers, via either email or phone, is the best way to ensure a solid customer relationship.

At this time the only social media outlet utilized by Myco Supply is Facebook. We have a company page listed in order to help our potential customers find our website. It is not checked regularly and questions should be directed to us vis our contact page on this site.

In recent months our company has been notified that there are several imposter companies using our name and even our website on the their social media pages in order to legitimize their business. This has been found primarily on Instagram, however we are aware that it is happening in other places.

If you purchased any products via direct message on ANY social media site, you DID NOT purchase from Myco Supply. Myco Supply does not, and never has sold any live cultures, spore syringes, spore prints, or any other live growing material. In addition, we do not process any orders via Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media-based sales platform.

If you purchased something from a social media platform-based company with the name Myco Supply, they are an imposter company, and should be reported to that social media platform. Many of these companies are engaging in the sale of illegal items that you could be held liable for. Others are simply a scam.

We have had reports from several victims of these scam companies, who have reached out to us in an attempt to locate their order, only to find that we are not the company that they purchased from.

Please do not fall victim to these illegal imposters. If you have a question about the authenticity of a page or a product listed on said page, reach out to us first. We are happy to help.

Help us save others from company fraud, scams, and illegal dealings by reporting any suspected imposters to the proper authorities.

Thank you and Happy Growing,

The Myco Supply Team