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Electric Steam Sterilizers

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All American 50X & 75X
Electric Steam Sterilizers

We are happy to carry the All American Electric Steam Sterilizers, models 25X, 50X & 75X.
These units are available in either 120 or
240 volts. One of the most important things to note
is that the 25X Electric Steam Sterilizer uses a 1050 watt heating element while the other units (The 50X and 75X) each have a 1650 watt heating element.

The Model 50X and 75X uses a 1650 watt heating element. This increased wattage and heating capacity means that the units will get up to operational temperature far quicker than the 25X. Plus, the 50X & 75X have all new electrical
controls as well as a new thermostat which is designed
to hold a much tighter operating band. Therefore there
will be less variation as the thermostat turns the
heating element on and off to maintain a certain level
of heat.

each unit includes a mechanical timing device on
the control box, which is described on page 4 of
the instructional booklet (included with each unit).
All in all, these electric steam steilizers offer added value
to any major operation, and in the case of the new
75X a much greater capacity.

All American steam sterilizers are used world-wide to sterilize a wider range of materials. Temperature, pressure and time are the main factors in this process. All American Sterilizers make it possible for doctors, dentists, first aid stations, hospitals, laboratories and of course, mycologist to have dependable sterilization facilities in a portable unit at an extremely low cost.

Portable, Economical, Reliable Operation

Compact and portable, All American Sterilizers will quickly recoup their economical cost in the savings of time alone. There are no additional supplies to purchase, nor are there any maintenance costs other than the energy consumed. The sterilizer is made of a high-quality cast aluminum alloy that resists aging and corrosion, ensuring years of trouble-free operation.

Our Metal to Metal Seal

The metal to metal seal eliminates all rubber gaskets. As a safety feature clamping locks prevent removal of the cover while there is pressure present. An accurate pressure gauge, pressure control valve over-pressure safety plug, and cool Bakelite handles and wingnuts are all thoroughly tested features that assure safe operation with a minimum amount of attention. The portability of these sterilizers provides a complete and efficient sterilization unit at an exceptionally low cost while meeting all clinical requirements. Only a small amount of water is needed to create the dry steam. After achieving a minimum temperature of 250° F (121° C), and a pressure of 15 ps, the dry steam penetrates the substrate and successfully sterilizes your material.

Pressure Gauge Accuracy

The pressure gauge is rated as having an accuracy of 3%-2%-3%. This designates plus or minus 3% of the full span for the first and last quarter of the dial, and 2% for the middle 50% of the dial. More specifically, this gauge rating conforms to the pressure gauge standard ANSI B40-1-1980. This standard is entitled “Gauges-Pressure, Indication Dial Type-Elastic Element,” and covers every aspect of pressure gauge manufacture and use. The gauge is considered “Accuracy Grade B” in accordance with this specification.

Pressure Relief Valve

All American sterilizers are equipped with a new type of excess pressure relief valve. It is designed for longer, maintenance-free service. The valve is designed to release pressure at 26 psi (+/- 1 psi). Each valve is equipped with a deflector cap which will direct any steam release in a downward direction.

All American Sterilizers Feature:

  • UL Approved
  • Heavy cast aluminum cover and bottom construction
  • Aluminum inner container with rack
  • A flexible metal exhaust tube
  • Dial gauge and control valve
  • Metal-to-metal seal (no rubber gasket)
  • Large sterilizing capacity
  • Complete, effective sterilization at the lowest possible cost
  • Individual corrugated carton packaging

    Electric Sterilizer
    Cubic Inch Capacity
    25 Quart Liquid Capacity
    120 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 1650 Watts/13.75 Amps
    – – – Or – – –
    240 Volt 50/60 Hz, 1650 Watts/6.88 Amps
    (Orders outside of the USA please contact
    for shipping arrangements.)

    Electric Sterilizer
    Cubic Inches
    41.5 Quart Liquid Capacity
    120 Volt 50/60 Hz, 1650 Watts/13.75 Amps
    – – – Or – – –
    240 Volt 50/60 Hz, 1650 Watts/6.88 Amps
    (Orders outside of the USA please contact
    for shipping arrangements.)

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