Spawn & Substrate Heating Cables


Spawn & Substrate Heating Cables

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Placed below the substrate or underneath a grow chamber, this cable works like an “underground sun” to heat the substrate and speed mycelia growth with a gentle bottom heat. Works best in an enclosed, insulated, and covered grow chamber or terrarium. Our heating cables also work great when trying to maintain a warm environment for colonizing spawn. These heating cables are flexible so you can wrap them around anything that you may need to be heated like an incubating table, spawn jars or even a small grow chamber.

A built-in thermostat automatically activates the cable when the temperature drops below 74ᄚF.

The cable plugs directly into standard 110V outlets and is available in different sizes. It is designed to prevent shock in wet conditions.

Use approximately 4 linear feet of cable per sq ft.

Caution: Never allow the cable to cross or touch itself while plugged in or the heating cable will not function properly.


  • Built-in thermostat automatically activates cables when soil temperature is below 74ᄚ.
  • Speeds spawn colonization in cold areas and helps heat grow chambers.
  • Use indoors or out to provide a jump start to your growing season.
  • Dependable cables are covered with a tough, moisture-proof PVC jacket.
  • Available in 5 lengths. To determine which is best for you, match cable length to the square footage of your growing area.
  • All connections are sealed and waterproof.