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Face Masks with Filters–Social Distancing Series, Part 4

face mask, face mask pattern, reuseable face mask, face mask with filter, synthetic filter discs

This week, we are going to take a break from our regularly scheduled social distancing post to talk about face masks. As many of you know surgical masks, N95 masks, respirator masks, dust masks and the like are in short supply and high demand these days thanks to the COVID-19 crisis. In additions, most places […]

Social Distancing Series-How to prepare your substrate

wheat straw, oyster mushrooms, substrate

Welcome back for the second installment of our #SocialDistancing Series in response to Covid-19. This week’s Social Distancing lesson is going to be about sterilizing substrates. A crucial step in growing a successful crop, sterilizing and preparing your substrate is the very first step in getting growing. Step 1: Choose your substrate As stated in […]

Social Distancing Series-Building a Mushroom Grow Kit

grow mushrooms at home

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, Myco Supply wanted to encourage a new generation of potential mushroom growers to become a bit more self-reliant during social distancing by mastering the basics of home mushroom growing. In this first post we are going to review what the average home grower would need to build their […]