9 Autumn Mushroom Recipes that will Please Everyone

Autumn Mushroom Recipes, wild mushrooms, mushroom recipes

Autumn has arrived and with it some of the tastiest and most comforting foods of the year. The last remaining CSAs and Farmers Markets are abundant with winter squashes and cold weather crops like kale, parsnips, and leeks. But the star of the markets and your home growing efforts are the wild and homegrown mushrooms. That’s right folks, it’s mushroom season and we have some of the best Autumn Mushroom Recipes. Time to get cooking!

Recipes for the autumn mushroom connoisseur

If you are the mushroom aficionado amongst your peers; the one who hunts out mushrooms on the menu like a truffle pig, or the one who has been ardently trying to grow the elusive morels at home, despite their notoriously difficult nature, these recipes are for you:

Veal Prince Orloff from Epicurious

If you are really looking to impress a crowd, and are fan of veal, try this mushroom and truffle rich delight amps up the wow factor in a major way.

Autumn Mushroom Recipes
Image courtesy of Yummly

Wild Mushroom and Farro Soup from The Kitchn

Just because wild mushrooms are used in this recipe doesn’t mean you can’t use your own farm-raised. Many “wild mushrooms” are grower-friendly in the right conditions, and having a nice staple comfort food to utilize your harvest is key to any farmer’s kitchen.

Autumn Mushroom Recipes, wild mushrooms, grow your own

Rye, Kale, Mushroom, and Pumpkin Seed Stuffing from Epicurious

Looking to really WOW your guests this Thanksgiving? This mushroom-rich stuffing is sure to impress with all of its abundant fall flavors. Using a mix of maitake (hen-of-the-woods,) oyster, and crimini mushrooms add depth of flavor and celebration of the harvest in every savory bite.

autumn mushroom recipes
Image courtesy of Yummly

Recipes for the mushroom dabbler

You like mushrooms, but don’t know enough about them to call yourself an expert. Your growing or tasting experience is limited to what you can get at your grocery store or grow easily in your basement. That’s okay. Buttons, Criminis, and Portobellos are wonderful all-around crowd-pleasing mushrooms–that’s why they sell them at the grocery store.

Creamy Mushrooms from Loaves and Dishes

Looking for the ultimate comfort food this fall? Something hot, savory, and loaded with creamy goodness? Look no further.

autumn mushroom recipes
Image courtesy of Yummly

Beef Barley Soup with Wild Mushrooms and Parsnips from Epicurious

There is nothing more soothing than a hot bowl of soup on a wet autumn eve. This delight is full of robust beef, veg, spicy parsnips, and crimini and oyster mushrooms. Despite “wild” being used loosely in the title, this soup is great for the everyday mushroom lover.

Autumn Mushroom Recipes, wild mushrooms, grow your own

Sausage & Gorgonzola-stuffed Portobello Mushrooms from Bertoli

Simple to make, yet overflowing with umami-rich ingredients, these portobello caps are a real crowd-pleaser for any party. Easy to make yet rich in flavor, this recipe is simple enough for a weeknight dinner too.

autumn mushroom recipes
Image courtesy of Yummly

For the new mushroom eater

So, you’re new to this. That’s okay! Every mushroom lover is a former beginner. These recipes are recipes that you may be familiar with, amped up by incorporating fresh mushrooms to the recipe.

Fresh Green Bean Casserole from FunnyLove

We are all familiar with the creamy concoction that comes from a can that sits on every dining room table at Thanksgiving. But what is there was a better way? Guess what…there is!

Autumn Mushroom Recipes, grow your own

The Shroomiest Mushroom Risotto from Lady and Pups

Risotto might be a labor of love, but for the new mushroom eater, an adventure worth embarking on. Warm, creamy, filling–the definition of comfort food, this risotto features easy to grow shiitake mushrooms.

autumn mushroom recipes
Image courtesy of Yummly

Breakfast Strata from I am Baker

There is nothing better on Christmas morning than warm, flavorful strata. This version highlights the humble button mushroom–accessible everywhere and easy to grow.

autumn mushroom recipes
Image courtesy of Yummly

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